Pet Cherish 凍乾澳洲/新西蘭牛肉 Freeze Dried AU/NZ Beef

凍乾澳洲/新西蘭牛肉 Freeze Dried AU/NZ Beef



4,凍乾新西蘭/澳洲牛肉Freeze Dried NZ /AU Beef ✔️天然 ✔️Natural ✔️無添加 ✔️Additives-free ✔️純肉 ✔️100% pure meat 成份:100%牛肉 Ingredients: 100% Beef 原材料產地:新西蘭/澳洲 Origin of raw material: New Zealand/ Australia 製造地:香港 Made in Hong Kong 製造商:Pet Cherish (HK) Limited Manufactured by: Pet Cherish (HK) Limited 製造日期: MFD: 有效日期: EXP: 淨重量:50g Net weight: 50g 適用:三個月以上,貓犬適用 Suitable For:Cats and Dogs over 3 months of age 食用方法: Feeding Instructions: ✔️整粒餵食,訓練獎勵小食 Feed as a treat or a reward ✔️拌糧 Mix into pet’s food ✔️加水還原肉粒 Mix with fresh drinking water 〰️全人手切割 Hand-cut meat 〰️真空冷凍乾燥處理 Freeze-drying 〰️檢驗成品 Good quality control 〰️紫外線滅菌 UV sterilization 〰️密封包裝 Sealed package Pet Cherish 保證 Pet Cherish guarantee ✔️每天採用新鮮食材小批量製作。 Freshly made ✔️利用冷凍乾燥技術製作,以保存其完整的風味和營養。 Freeze-dried to preserve its flavor and nutrition. ✔️100% 天然。 100% National ✔️不含添加劑、抗生素、防腐劑、人工色素或香料。 No Additives, Antibiotics, Preservatives, Artificial Colors or Fragrances ✔️此產品適用於三個月以上貓喵和狗狗。 Products suitable for cats and dogs over 3 months of age ✔️明確標示產地來源。 Indicate the place of origin ✔️嚴選優質食材。 High quality ingredients selection 注意 Caution ©️只限貓犬食用 Suitable for cats and dogs ©️產品使用新鮮肉品製作,若有色差屬自然現象 Product made with fresh meat,website picture shown just for illustration only, color may vary from the real product. ©️此產品為副食零食,並不能當作主食。每日建議食量,不超過每日食量的10%。 Homemade treats should not exceed 10% of your pet's total daily intake. ©️香港普遍較為潮濕,請務必存放於陰涼乾燥處,避免陽光直射,開封後請盡快食用完畢。 Store in a cool and dry place.Away from direct sunlight,Consume as soon as possible after opening. ©️功能性產品只能作輔助/保健食品,並不能作治療用途。 The nutritional product can only be used as nutritional supplements,cannot be used for medical purposes. ©️每隻毛孩都有可能對特定食品/肉類有敏感情況出現,購買時請細心閱讀每個產品的食物成份,如遇見有敏感問題出現,請立即停止食用和就醫。 Please read the food ingredients of each product carefully when purchasing. If your pet encounter any food allergies,please stop eating and seek consultation with veterinarian. ©️凍乾產品未開封可存放1年,開封後可存放2-3個月,因應存放環境影響,建議開封後盡快食用完畢。 Unopened Freeze-dried products can be stored for 1 year,it is recommended to consume as soon as possible(within 2-3 months)after opening.

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